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How to hide files and folder in android without any app

How to hide files and folder in android without any app

In this article, I will show you How to hide Android gallery (images, videos, and folder) without any third party android app.
You have something personal on your Android Smartphone like Photos, videos and another thing, which you didn’t want to show Anyone Including Your family members. Probably you are familiar with Some Third-party app That gives you the power to hide Folders, files and lock your Personal stuff Within your android device’s didn’t give you any list of android apps Here Just show you how to hide files, hide folders without any android app.
In this article, I am trying to show you how to hide videos, images, files, and folder without any apps. 


How to hide folders or files in android without any app  

 Watch this Video or Just Read this article for Each and every step.  GIVEN BELOW
    1. You don’t need  any third party app to hide pics
    2. You can save your phone memory
    3. This works fast
    4. Very interesting things no one knows you hidden something in your android.      
        Because generally people very much familiar with hiding apps.  

Steps to follow for hiding

  1. Navigate to file manager app. You can create a separate folder for videos and images or you can save in the same folder whatever you want to hide.
  2. Copy and paste all your personal Stuff into one particular folder. For Example, I Copy all of my Personal photos (Which I want to hide) in a newly created folder named as 
HACK FOR SUREsimilarly for videos also folder named as HD VIDEO.These 2 names are just my choice you can take it as you want for your folder that you want to hide.

  3.Now rename your Folder by adding. (Dot symbol) before the name of the folder that you want to hide. For example, my folder new name is now.HACK FOR SURE OR.HD VIDEOS     Now no one is able to see this folder including you.
Don’t worry you can see all of your files (hide folders) and by click on show hidden   Folder.
1.Right click on right corner below and then click show hidden files
Now hidden folder started showing you in fade color
2.Now long press over and then renames it. Just need to remove (dot) and then save it.

 That’s it isn’t a Simple trick to hide folders and files without any third party android app

. If you have any difficulty to hide folders you can mention in Comment.
So above is the Best way to hide files and folder on your Android Devices.  Best ones that you need to try out now on your Android Smartphone.To become a smart user to hide your Android gallery. I hope you liked this article too. Tell us about the tips that you think is the best to hide Android galleries without any app on your android phone.
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